Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky
Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky

Mars Maltage Cosmo

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A blend of Japanese and Scottish single malts produced high in the Japanese Alps.

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Shinshu Mars Distillery

Shinshu Mars Distillery

Located high up in the Japanese Alps in Nagano, 798 metres above sea level, the quality of the surrounding air and water made it perfect for whisky production, thus the Shinshu Mars Distillery was born. The name Cosmo refers to the peak of one of the mountain range surrounding the distillery.

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky

Marrying the best of both worlds, the Mars Maltage Cosmo is a blend of single malts distilled and aged both in Shinshu and Scotland. This results in a whisky with sweet flavours of honey, caramel and ripened fruits, with a subtle woody and smoky finish.

Mars Maltage Cosmo Whisky

Mars Maltage Cosmo

Sweet and easy to drink

Color: bright caramel
Nose: slight caramel, toffee, hint of smoke
Palate: sweet, vanilla, lots of fruit
Finish: silky, subtle lingering peat, pleasant

Senshin Recommends:

Great in a highball, with soda or ginger ale. Easy drinking, perfect for parties and get-togethers.


70 cl

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