Our story so far.

The Inspiration

The first sake ‘aha’ moment happened in the prefecture of Niigata, Japan. Known for its rice, cultivated by the talented farmers over centuries to be the best in the world, there was never going to be anywhere else but here.

Late one autumn, with the last remnants of reddish brown leaves still clinging on to the trees, we visited a sake brewery for the first time. As with most Japanese establishments, it was not a famous brewery, at least not famous in the way that some of the huge Japanese conglomerates spread their worldwide influence.

No, it was a brewery with a century of heritage behind them, of countless men and women toiling over the fields, transforming precious grains into something even more precious: sake.

It was that sake that, with the first caress upon our tongue, opened up into a bouquet of ripe peach and honey, of spring’s citrusy embrace, mellowing into a crystal clear finish that tasted of purity and life. There was a stunned silence between us, each having his own appreciation of the perfection that we had just experienced.

This was the ‘aha’ moment, the moment we knew we needed to bring Japan to the world, because experiences like these should never be kept solely to ourselves.

This was the moment Senshin was born.

The Brand

Artisanal . Exclusive. Discover.


In a world where mass production reigns supreme, the value of craft is increasingly invaluable. Senshin recognizes and embraces this, because we believe that for things like whisky and sake, production techniques steeped in centuries-old traditions cannot and should not be replaced.

Senshin is our homage to the masters of their craft, where heritage blends seamlessly with craftsmanship to present perfection in a bottle.


Fiercely protective of their domestic market, for whom the finest, limited edition bottles are reserved for, the Japanese sake and whisky producers have long cloaked their operations in a shroud of secrecy and exclusivity. In a trade where business transacts on handshakes in steaming onsens, money alone was never enough to procure an elusive bottle.

Senshin braves sauna burns to find where X marks the spot, to bring back both exclusive Japan-only, and award-winning, bottles for your pleasure.


Whether it’s whisky composed of 3 different single malts, or sake produced for consumption by the Japanese Imperial Palace, the bounty that Japan has to offer is endless.

Senshin is the start of your journey to exploration and discovery, where you come to unearth hidden gems locked deep within Japan and its culture.

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